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Pertex, Perfilería Técnica de Extrusión
  • Pertex, Perfilería Técnica de Extrusión
  • Pertex, Perfilería Técnica de Extrusión

Pertex, Perfilería Técnica de Extrusión

Development and manufacture of Thermoplastic Profiles

Quality / I&D

Quality has always been a main priority for Pertex. Since the creation of the Company we have worked with the ISO 9001 based system. Records of all the various processes used allow for product accountability at all times. Our quality management system was certified for the first time by ISO 9001:2000 30-01-07. We continue improving the quality system certified by ISO 9001:2015 [ Certificate ] [ Quality Policy ].

[ Certificate IATF ]

To ensure product quality, Pertex has implemented various methods measurement and control methods.

A fundamental aspect of our business is the development of new products, new materials and new processing, all of this is reflected in the improvement investment at all levels, including , the product, the economic and the environmental aspects.

In order to achieve this a line of testing is available which has the capacity to process different materials, to suit varying conditions, and carrying out the necessary tooling retouches.

Technology is the capacity to create something due to knowledge or resources.

In Pertex, we have a qualified team with extensive experience in the field of thermoplastic extrusion profiling, which endorses our ability, due to extensive knowledge, to take on new challenges.

In addition to our know-how we count on extensive machinery which allows us to attain a wide variety of products. Part of this machinery has been modified by our technology, offering many more solutions to attain the desired product.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge we have developed and improved this machinery in order to offer better solutions and higher quality for our clients concerns and requests.

For this reason, we can offer diverse solutions such as: process any thermoplastic, make coextrusions, or even more insert animas metal.

Waste management and environmental care
In Pertex we strive to minimize waste generation and improve its management throughout our activities life cycle. We adopt measures to improve internal waste management, studies for the minimization of residues at all process stages, promoting reuse, recycling and substitution of raw materials or additives.

Pertex, Perfilería Técnica de Extrusión
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